EAAL is configured as an open-architecture distributed system. The Cimetrix Open
Development Environment  (CODE) software is used to schedule and control the
distributed devices using its client-server architecture and its real-time database of
manufacturing objects.

Using distributed control processes, CODE  issues slave motion commands to the
mechanisms and is interfaced to the Profibus Fieldbus for the I/O interactions with the
various sensors, part handling equipment, conveyor lift gates, and conventional PLC's.

The following figure shows how the hardware is configured as networked to two PC's
using NT 4.0 as the operating system. The various calibration activities use VisionBlox
vision software and the CODE API set to measure tool locations and part offsets.

EAAL's flexible
design permits the
assembly of different
parts  in partially
assembled states as
long as the required
tooling is available to
complete the assembly.

Each part carries a
unique ID which is
used to access the
remaining process
steps to complete the
assembly and to
determine whether
the proper tooling is